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Saturday, July 10, 2004

My first post

Well, this will be a good experiment. It seems easy enough. I hope it serves a purpose somehow.

I have been HIV positive for 21 years and have developed resistance to all available drugs. I look great, actually...I look much better than I usually feel. Fatigue is common in my life. But I have learned many ways to deal with it.

I wonder why there are no more people like me out there trying to help others live better with HIV. There are close to 1 million of us in the US, 42 million around the world. Imagine what we could do as a group if we all got passionately involved!

I need to go now. I need to inject my Fuzeon, try to eat something to take my pills with, go work out (my saving habit), and get ready for a long week ahead. I am going to Philadelphia on Monday and then northern Florida on Thursday to give lectures. I love what I do, but it takes a lot of energy out of me.

Anyway, this will be an interesting experiment. The concept of a blog is new to me...I hope it grows like all the other internet projects I have started (more on that later)


The Cure of HIV is Possible in Our Lifetime

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